About Ewan

Since our inception our motto has been to make this planet a safer place to work in. EWAN is a renowned name that spells & pronounces the Safety Story in a unique way. Ewan is in the space of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which specializes in the manufacturing of safety shoes that stands for Trust and Reliability.
We are the manufacturers of the highest quality safety shoes conforming to IS, EN norms, leading the way with new innovative products and solutions with every passing day.
EWAN Manufacturing set-up is spread over a span, and is one of the places where we have controls over quality at each step of manufacturing. All our systems & processes are as per highest standards. Along with an extensive Distribution network, EWAN has its office situated in Kolkata and is in the process of spreading all over the country, manned by Trained and Technical Sales Personnel to provide the finest support and service required.
The journey at EWAN is never ending. There is a long way to go, many more dreams to accomplish and we believe in joining hands with our valued customers for a Safer World.
EWAN has the finest and state of the art machinery to produce the best quality Foot Protection Gear. Constant up-gradation of technology and focused attention towards providing the highest quality of product has enabled EWAN to establish itself as a leading player in the field of PPE.
Each and every step of manufacturing at EWAN follows adherence to strict quality parameters and focus lies on quality throughout the various stages involved. All raw as well as semi finished goods at EWAN also pass through stringent quality norms as laid down in the Quality Manual of the Company.
The final product, at EWAN is then tested to fulfil the requirements which are set much above the EN/ANSI Norms and ISI standards.The portfolio of EWAN Safety Footwear encompasses a wide range of products that are manufactured as per the highest standards of EN, IS.
The manufacturing process in EWAN Footwear Production involves highly controlled Polyurethane Pouring process. The outcome is a product that has passed through strict quality parameters all across its manufacturing process till its final stage of packaging.
A dedicated Designing Team and a highly equipped Laboratory enables EWAN to evolve and innovate to fulfil the safety requirements of its esteemed customers, to suit their needs in toughest of the work conditions.
EWAN offers a wide range of single density (PU) and Double density PU Foot wear out soles which are moulded onto the shoe.
At EWAN, we offer an entire line of affordable and premium safety shoes, with no compromise in the essential quality. This has been one major reason, why we are being counted upon for quality of protection in safety equipments.
With our experienced team, we feel confident that we will always exceed our customers’ expectations in meeting their needs. It’s needless to say that we also take great pride in our ability to customize our products according to required specifications. The trust and satisfaction of our clients are our greatest profits and we never compromise on anything that would curb them. When it comes to the business of serving clients to the best of abilities, we are always a truly a No-Compromise Company.


Our Vision is to design, produce and provide products and services with an emphasis on performance and to extend our presence in the international market place.


EWAN will lead in its operating domain in the top five positions, without compromising on the price, quality standards, service matrix.

Our Promise

Our Team

Ravi Kumar Newatia
Mr. Ravi Kumar Newatia, the founder entrepreneur of the Ewan Group, is an astute professional with over 20 years of entrepreneurial expertise. He holds a Post Graduate M.com from Calcutta University and is in the business of finance and marketing from many years. He carries many feathers on his hat. The array of his rich and pristine experience spreads from the field of Formulation of Business Plans and Strategies, Corporate Financing International Businesses and Joint Ventures. As a visionary leader and a unique strategist, he has been spearheading sustainable progress in technological superiority and managerial excellence through development of people capability and organizational efficacy with a mission to build a world which is uncompromised towards the SAFETY of its active doers.
Mr. Ashutosh Agarwal
Mr. Ashutosh Agarwal is on Board of Ambaashree Envirocare Projects Pvt Ltd since its inception. After completion of his graduation, he joined the Ewan Group. He has been actively working in the field of Finance and product development for more than 10 years. His techno-commercial expertise has played a pivotal role in the Company to foray into various manufacturing activities. He is actively involved in the development, designing, manufacturing and marketing of products pertaining to PPE.
Mr. Chayan Kumar Bakshi
General Manager
Mr. C K Bakshi is a newly inducted member in the Ewan group. A combination of foresight and professional experience of Mr Bakshi is a valuable asset of the group. Mr. C K Bakshi is a post graduate from University of Calcutta and certified Mechanical Engineer. He has more than 15 years of experience in the PPE industry. Mr. Bakshi in his professional career has rendered assurance services, handled project development and execution of assignments and provided his expertise to various industries. His techno-commercial expertise has played a pivotal role in the Company to foray into various manufacturing activities. His active involvement in the development, designing, manufacturing and marketing of products pertaining to PPE has given him a special place in the Indian OSHE industry. He is working in close associations with Health and Safety Executives of leading global firms to create a strategic program for usage of certified PPE. .